Reading list

I put this together for Max originally, but decided maybe I want to capture it and augment it rather than continuing to re-remember it

About California:

  • Irving Stone - Men to Match My Mountains // timeless and fascinating read about the history of Western settlement of California
  • Daniel James Brown - The Indifferent Stars Above // all you ever wanted to know about the Donner party
  • John Steinbeck - The Grapes of Wrath // The grand novel of the Great Depression and the migration to California (relevant but depressing)
  • Marc Reisner - Cadillac Desert // classic on the grand water scam and the foundation of California politics

About startups and business

  • Peter Thiel - Zero to One // regardless of what you think about Peter Thiel's politics, he is incredibly smart and insightful. Worth a read
  • Antonio Garcia Martinez - Chaos Monkeys // if the show Silicon Valley had been written by someone who had actually lived in Silicon Valley and founded a company, this is what it would be
  • Michael Lewis - The Big Short // (or anything else by Michael Lewis - like Flash Boys, or Moneyball, or The Undoing Project)

About medicine and informatics

  • Bob Wachter - The Digital Doctor // Why things are what they are in the field of medical informatics
  • Atul Gawande - The Checklist Manifesto // (or anything else by Atul Gawande - I'm a big fan) Great book about safety or the lack thereof