Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5wQHzO4Ji55ig0YxksPTcr 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPXZHlD_pYLoKYoDsQpa3zUJPUxpof4Nd 

So I've been making "mix tapes" since I was like 12, initially with stuff I had recorded off the radio or taped from grainy abused vinyl. For the last decade or two, I've been handing out mix CDs (or in lazy years I'd just buy KFOG Live from the Archives as a stocking stuffer/charitable donation but LFTA became kinda crappy and then disappeared altogether as KFOG went jockless, so I started making my own every year).

But pretty much nobody can play CDs anymore (or they just rip them anyway) and putting copied mp3s on memory sticks seems a bit much. So I'm trying sharing as a YouTube playlist. 

I paid for all this music at least once -- as I heard stuff I liked throughout the year, I'd buy the physical CDs, partially to support the people who went through the trouble to create, play, produce, promote, and distribute the music, and partially just so I'd have freedom to operate. 

And as I do each December, I made a compilation of some of the songs I liked, or that were particularly anthemy or catchy and that I hadn't gotten tired of yet. And miraculously it still ended up slightly under 74 minutes (feel free to look up why a CD holds 74 minutes of music). Old habits are hard to break.

Editorial comments: 

General rants:

As the legal song-by-song music download system and the streaming ecosystem evolved and CD burners and players went out of fashion, the traditional mix tape/CD went by the wayside because for some reason nobody developed a legal mechanism to share a playlist with rights to the songs included. Stupid - you can share .m3u or xml playlist files, but the only way to share the actual songs is by copying them (with no way to pay for them other than klutzy mechanisms like adding an iTunes gift card so the receiver can make them legal). And the streaming worlds like spotify only allow playlist sharing from premium subscriber to premium subscriber.

So I went back to burning mix CDs which I (allegedly) handed out to people. Until now.

This Youtube playlist is an experiment. Feedback appreciated. I pay for Youtube Red which gives me access to their full catalog of music videos, but I'm not sure how playable this is if you don't have Youtube Red. Let me know. If you'd rather have a CD or a stick, also let me know. And as a test drive, I redid the 2016 mix on youtube as well.