Yes, I know, shameless plug. Here are a few of my playlists. Feel free to ask me for editorial comments. 

If you prefer the URI, it's typically spotify:playlist:XXXXX where XXXXX is that long list of letters and numbers that comes after playlist/ in the URL)

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At least once a year towards the end of the year, I share a compilation of some of the songs I liked, or that were particularly anthemy or catchy and that I hadn't gotten tired of yet. The songs range from new releases shazamed on that "you know you love it when you first hear it" crush, some from movies I saw this year, some older songs that somehow popped for me this year, a few from travels that got stuck in my head, and a few discovered by reading and listening to lots of recommendations, checking out random lists, and letting Spotify, Pandora, Youtube Music and even traditional radio go wild. As always, lots of anthems [blush]. Most have stood the test of repeat-play. And some are from reviews on Metacritic or Pitchfork, which I still occasionally scour for new finds.

Long list of possible disclaimers for what I did NOT include even though it was hot this year (even if I might have liked it). 

Key disclaimers:

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