Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1JDm57rQwdgZmVYgjW3T9A 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPXZHlD_pYLoR9djPDK8gkxZtXoUUlq8a 

Playlist time!! As I do towards the end of the year, I made a compilation of some of the songs I liked, or that were particularly anthemy or catchy and that I hadn't gotten tired of yet. The songs range from new releases shazamed on that "you know you love it when you first hear it" crush (many from Radio 1 - thank you Nick Grimshaw, Scott Mills, Annie Mac), some from movies I saw this year, some older songs that somehow popped for me this year, a few from Colombia/Panama that got stuck in my head, and a few discovered by reading and listening to lots of recommendations, checking out random lists, and letting Spotify, Pandora, Youtube Music and even traditional radio go wild. As always, lots of anthems [blush]. See the disclaimer for the long list of what I did NOT include even though it was hot this year (even if I might have liked it).

I know it's still November so I am ridiculously early (and I'm not being not fair to those amazing December releases that are going to have to wait a year), but I've been working on this since February, it's up to 34 songs and a whopping 2 hrs and 8 minutes long, and I feel like starting over, so it's time to go public with my mix for 2018. I guess I've finally been liberated from the 74 minute limit. Lots of editorial notes below; the short version is that most of these songs are more on the yummy side rather than "I want to stretch your tastes". I have a separate set of those but I don't quite know what to do with it. Oh, and you may be annoyed w my mariachi intermezzo. Sorry.

So here it is. The Youtube and Spotify versions are more or less the same, except annoyingly, Youtube does not have the same version for every song. But then again, they have videos.

Editorial comments: