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Roughly since Napster made it easy to find songs and CD burners made it easy to share compilations, I've been making playlists annually. Except of course I hadn't done so since December of 2019, and the list you find here was stuck in embryonic state since July of 2020 and was finally released in 2022 (with hindsight bias accordingly). 

So here is a catch-up version for 2020 -- the songs that caught my attention or that I shazamed as soon as I heard them. Most of the songs (but definitely not all) were released in 2019/2020. My sources range from Spotify (e.g., release radar, Daily Mix, etc.), to listening to various online radio stations (back then, a lot of Radio 1 most mornings), to stealing from other people's playlists. Every once in a while I'd read about a band and check them out, too.  

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