This is Jaap Suermondt's personal site. Many years ago, I created a family web site with loads of pictures, a blog, etc. That was a lot of work, but it was fun to write and it was fun to share pictures with family and friends. Then social networks came along, and they made it a lot easier to keep in touch so I started to neglect the site. I did learn a lot of php and stuff along the way, and how to configure and update wordpress, and all that sort of stuff. This is the third generation of suermondt.com, and the easiest one so far (and you can tell that this time I did not spend *any* time on how to make it pretty). I am using this as a bare-bones public site, and put some links to areas I have enjoyed working on recently. Enjoy!

If you are trying to figure out more about me professionally, check me out on LinkedIn. After getting three degrees from Stanford, I've spent many years at Hewlett Packard Labs, originally as a researcher, and later leading awesome teams and groups of researchers and innovators. I put a few talks, videos, interests, and accomplishments here as well.

I'm @hjs on twitter (yes, that should tell you how long I have been on twitter).

And if we know each other socially (clarity test: you'd have me over at your home or vice versa), let's connect on fb.


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